Introducing MoNo-MeLi – the heir to LAMP’s throne

Last blog post I posed the question, does LAMP need a successor? LAMP, a software bundle comprised of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, currently powers the web, but due to changes in the way consumers operate online, it’s swiftly becoming old-fashioned and too slow for the real-time, cloud and app lovers of today’s internet, not to mention expensive to code for, given the today’s current expectations.

Meet MoNo-MeLi.


  • Mongo replaces MySQL as the database of choice – less of a reporting tool, more of a data/document storage system, but with some nice real-time characteristics.
  • Node.js is the new mainstream platform, stunningly fast and good at multitasking.
  • Meteor is a small start-up in San Francisco, not even in version 1, but has real potential to tie everything together because it makes it easy for the web to go real-time. Have a look at some of their demos for a quick example.
  • And Linux is still in the frame, upping its game to stick with the acronym that powers the internet. Node.js is taking an increasing share of its workload, though.

We threw around a few different acronyms here – LMMN, nSLaMM, nJMM – and MoNo-MeLi (moh-noh-mee-lee) won out in the end.

It builds on the successes of LAMP, while offering improvements in a lot of the areas where users are demanding better facilities:

  • It slims down the transactions between web-client and server to a bare minimum.
  • This means applications don’t have to reload the whole page…
  • …and can load in as little as 100 milliseconds.
  • The programs require fewer lines of code, meaning shorter development times…
  • …and compared to some of the other up-and-comers, there is a lot of online support  for these packages.

You heard it here first. One might say LAMP is on the way out, as it does not offer a High Productivity Real-time web. But MoNo-MeLi is ahead of the pack, eager to seize its throne.

6 thoughts on “Introducing MoNo-MeLi – the heir to LAMP’s throne

  1. prad

    I’d say an alternative, not quite a successor.

    There’s too much vested in the current LAMP stack to have to throw it all away. if you want in, work with the current status quo.

    So,…. No. I say you called it wrong.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Prad, thanks for the comment, I think that there are 3x issues that you raise:
      1) What reason is there to change
      2) Is it more compelling than the effort to learn new stuff
      3) Software creation is a social process, it is not just individuals on their own
      Luckily enough I did not set a time for this to happen, but I certainly do not think that it will happen in 12 months!
      Regards Rob

  2. Mikkel

    With WordPress and Drupal being LAMP creatures, it’s difficult for new technologies to replace LAMP. Sure you can build a CMS with more contemporary tech, but the hundreds of thousands of developer hours that are already invested in existing solutions – and the huge ecosystem existing around those open source frameworks – makes it no easy matter to replace them. But it would be lovely if WordPress – and it’s entire ecosystem – could magically be converted to a MoNoLi one overnight.


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